Straight guys paid to go gay

Paid to go gay - There's always those hot football players, those hot baseball players, you're attracted to, and then in real life, in the gay world, they're a little bit harder to find, because i believe as gay becomes more ok i've seen a lot more guys not acting as masculine as what our fantasy guy may be. Guys who do the scenes, they're allowed to bring their cell phones into the studio for watching porn, so if they're having problems getting sexually aroused they'll stop the scene and watch porn on their phones or think about their girlfriends and wives. Have a couple of guys i “get down on” but there is no way in hell i would ever pay them for it (and yes, they are as hot as *brandon*) i give such great head, i should be the one getting paid!  some of these guys' friends will say, “oh, you're not really straight because you do gay porn,” but we don't say to gay men, “oh, just because you slept with a woman once doesn't mean you're straight now.

Straight guys go gay: Lifelong buddies from Kentucky

Evan and Michael are lifelong buddies. This is a four part documentary of their first experiences going 'gay'. The documentary is ...