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Online business at home - You get too excited, make sure that uber is legal in your city first—in my home city of portland, oregon, for example, uber has faced serious opposition from both the city and local taxi companies—but if uber is legal in your city, becoming an uber driver might be a great way to put your existing assets (namely, a car) to good use. This business took off and in the first 3 months (with the help of my partners seo work) my website was ranking #1 in the world for our search terms beating even the largest manufacturers and “alibaba”-type sites and now i'm receiving 15 sales inquiries per day (on average) and cracking k per month in sales profit. Side businesses to help fund your startup:Etsy has become known as the ideal marketplace for the creatively inclined, and for good reason; setting up an etsy shop is incredibly simple, and as the platform is geared heavily toward handcrafted products, if you have a craft, you'll be in good company. There is a lot to be said for a side business that still enables you to focus your mental and physical energy into your dream startup, so if you are concerned that a side business like freelancing may stretch you to capacity, driving for uber might be a good fit.

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