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Jobs for teens 13 -  the good news is that there are options for you to make extra money to get that video game or toy that you're looking for, but the bad news is that you aren't able to work typical jobs like everyone else. Across the entire parks and recreation department, there are nearly 100 summertime employees, with 25 to 30 working as coaches and program instructors and at least 20 more students doing various jobs throughout the parks, devries said. But it turns out that teens who are finding work these days are more likely to be busing tables or tending a grill than staffing a mall boutique or t-shirt stand.  the best thing about these types of jobs is that you get to work on a topic you really like and you can do all of it on the computer.

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Summer Jobs for Teenagers 2017 Ideas | How to Make Money for Kids and Teens | If you want to make some extra money this ...