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Translate and get paid online - Factors that can help you decide on whether or not a platform is good for you include site exposure (the number of students that come to a site; its overall reputation and rank on google search), competition (how many teachers with comparable skills are on the site), level of protection offered (how does the site protect teachers to make sure that all lessons taken are paid for) and payment terms (what kind of fees are you charged for using the platform; who is responsible for the fee). Our grandparents lived through the war, our parents grew up with rationed food still, they mend and make do, they are not in debt except for a mortgage that will be long paid by the time they retire, they have a cushy pension courtesy of the french government. Are a few good deals if you go teach in dubai or korea for example, teachers are on expat packages with their housing paid, right after college it is a great way to travel while being paid and saving a bit. They also encourage tutors to use their own personal lesson plans and curriculum, so you may want to start creating materials that can differentiate you from other online teachers and will provide a unique, fun experience for your students.

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