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Top home workout programs - If you are short on time, if you are travelling, if you just want to maintain whatever shape you got, if you want to have an efficient workout in short time (total 15 mins, including warmup and cool down), if you want to stay in shape or if even if you want to get extreme results (by doing 2 or more workouts back to back), then the 10 mt is an ideal program. 'it challenges you to succeed and a month you end up with a decent new body, workout more, the more your muscles will build 'and i believe theirs is something you eat that after the workout which is helpful i don't know what is called. Mills combat reviewone of the most popular workout programs today is les mills combat which was developed by two mixed martial arts experts—rach newsham, a graduate of the famous wmc lamai muaythai camp in thailand, and dan cohen, former british master kickboxing champion a. There's this guy called jacksfilms on youtube who made a parody of this program, he gave it a try and received an amazing result after many days of workouts, this made him appreciate tony horton (the 56 years-old creator of p90x) even more.

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