Top ten part time jobs

Top ten part time jobs - The most sobering comments were from disability advocates who admonished me for even publishing the list, asserting that people with disabilities should not restrict their employment outlook to jobs geared toward people with special needs but should aim at and fight for jobs that anyone can do. Be aware that this type of work will involve many hours on your feet and sometimes heavy lifting of drink trays and appetizer trays, so if a more "physical" job is not what you're looking for, this may not be the part-time job for you. List below represents the companies that had posted the highest numbers of part-time “any level of telecommuting” jobs during that time period, which means their jobs all offered part-time hours and the ability to work remotely at least some of the time. Want to work part-time: flexjobs found that millennials, the largest generation in the workforce and vocal proponents of work flexibility, want to work part-time so they can spend quality time with loved ones (55 percent), pursue a creative passion (39 percent), and travel (38 percent).

Top 10 part-time jobs from the U.S 2016

10 Part-Time Jobs to Help Pay the Bills DENTAL HYGIENIST Average hourly wages: .39 Next time you're getting your teeth ...