Trades that make good money

Trades that make money - First change is that instead of thinking of myself for my whole life as someone who “doesn't have a sense of style” i've started researching into ways to use color and shape to flatter my figure, and actually thinking about how i put outfits together, which means i both get more compliments and am able to (very-mustachian-ly) get much more use out of clothes i didn't think i could wear and were languishing at the back of my closet. Don't deny that some people start with more of an aptitude for certain things (such as composing music and writing blogs), but i had a real revelation reading this book that maybe they aren't out of the reach of ordinary mortals after all, if they are willing to put in the effort. Based upon data collected from the united states bureau of labor statistics, trade and vocational school websites and job descriptions from o*net online, this list shows, in the thirty examples below, that it doesn't always require a college degree to make very good money and enjoy doing it. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but for the cake baking, you can move from the folks whose alternative is a sam's club cake to folks who want a cake that is special/exclusive/elite and have no way of telling the difference except for price.

High Salary Jobs WITHOUT Going to College

CCNA, network administration, blue collar work etc I just finished the 1st draft of my new book: New Grad Job Hacks. I'm working ...