Transfer money from japan to us

Transfer money to japan - Offers four ways of sending money overseas from japan:bank account deposit is the most popular option, whereby money deposited into a designated yucho bank account is automatically remitted to the registered recipient (1-3 day delivery time);agent collect point, whereby the recipient can collect the money at a specified local pick-up point (usually the branch of a bank) by presenting personal id and the transaction reference number (1 hour delivery time); mobile wallet, whereby the remitted money goes straight to the recipient's mobile wallet (instant delivery time);home delivery (available only for vietnam) whereby the money is delivered in cash to the recipient's home address (1-2 day delivery time). (being able to choose when to send deposited money has the advantage of being able to select a time when the exchange rates are more favorable, unlike the furikomi money transfer service where the money instantly and automatically gets sent as soon as the money is deposited);remit card, whereby a deposit made to a yucho bank account is instantly and automatically transferred to the registered recipient;convenience store money transfer service, whereby money can be sent without the use of a bank account, but by paying cash at a family mart convenience store counter using a document you generate with the famiport machine. ) in short, if you want to transfer money to someone in japan, you have three options:You can transfer money to a japanese bank account from a bank account elsewhere in the world, as long as your bank abroad is able to transfer money to a bank account in japan (some can't, especially in the less developed world, so you'll want to check). Really wanna try this option, but my situation, is i have bank in japan already set, yuucho bank in nagoya, and i'm trying to wire around 50$ there, to pay for my last payment for my mufg credit card, the thing is i will have 10 days to do that, what do you suggest the fastest way to do that?