Transfer money from phone to paypal

Transfer money to paypal - Takes the hassle of getting money out of your back pocket and into the palms of friends with its “send money through gmail” service, which allows you to tack any sum you want from your wallet right into the body of an email just as you would a standard attachment. Snapchat famously declined facebook's attempt to buy the service out for billion back in 2014, many analysts and reporters in the blogosphere rightfully raised the inquiry that was on everyone's mind: “well that's bold but…how exactly do you plan to make money now? Only that, but as long as you've already set up your payment options beforehand, the mobile wallet app contains a one-touch-no-fuss method of sending money to loved ones or friends as long as you have their email address or phone number in your contact list. Wallet also helps to solve the problem of figuring who owes what on the tab at lunch, with the handy “split charge” feature that will pester anyone sitting at the table with a money request for however much they owe you based on your inputs.

How to Send Mobile Payments (PayPal)

Want to know how to send mobile payments quickly and easily? Send money almost anywhere in the world in seconds with the ...