Transfer money on paypal

Transfer money using paypal - Have a storng point and i too think they should do it alot faster but the truth is, if they keep your money for those 3-5 day on their bank they get a percentage from it, and seeing how much money daily is tranfered through paypal,they make alot of profit by just keeping the money on their bank a couple of days and sit back and recieve a certain percentage from the money on there. Purchased something on ebay 10/21, go to paypal, noted that i had to now switch the payment method from my credit card to a verified checking account, it is now called echeck, but i just accept the name change, but which is 180' from the way it used to be, where you had to pull teeth to get to your credit card for use, and i get an announcement just moments ago, 10/27, 5:00pm, that my echeck "cleared". If you're sending money to friends or family, you can choose to add the fee to your total amount (which means you pay the fee), or have it deducted from the recipient's amount (which means they pay the fee). Your paypal account balance is less than the amount of your payment, paypal will apply the balance towards the payment and take the remainder from whichever account you linked to your paypal account to as a funding source.

PayPal Accounts : How to Transfer Money to a PayPal Account

Transferring funds from a bank account to a PayPal account requires logging in, clicking on "Add Funds," selecting "Transfer ...