Ways to earn extra money as a teacher

Ways to earn extra money as a teacher - , each of these sites, along with weareteachers — an online community for teachers which allows them to collaborate and submit ideas for cash and prizes — are finding traction, adoption among the world's savvy educators, and more importantly, are offering them supplementary online revenue streams. , as most already know, there is no sub-teacher's union currently in place for substitute teachers; therefore, those amazing men and women, who have major responsibilities like anyone else, are paid only what has been predetermined as “district” payment rate for services rendered. “teachers don't get paid enough” is what we constantly hear, but if you budget your money correctly and find ways to get paid for your expertise, you'll be able to keep the job you love and pay the mortgage. Compare that to udemy's flat 30 percent cut, pathwright's 4 percent cut of sales, and lynda's subscriptions (granted these three sites focus on courses, not lesson plans), and it might seem surprising that teacherspayteachers is growing like it is.

How to Make Extra Money as a Teacher

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