Ways to make money from home as a nurse

Ways to make money from home as a teenager - "nurses who work in the medical transcription field can either obtain assignments from medical transcription service providers such as medquist and spheris or become independent contractors and market their skills to local doctors and medical groups," says chris dunn, president of career step, whose nine- to 12-month, self-paced online course has qualified many nurses to work in the field. “i get patients calling me all the time asking for help on their medical bills or guidance on how to avoid medical debt,” katz says, adding that she started the non-profit, nurse katz foundation to help clients who couldn't afford an advocate.  american association of clinical coders & auditors say nurses who specialize in informatics, or the integration of nursing, communication and information technology, will be working with teams of co-workers to make sure everything is implemented correctly. Qualify as a telehealth nurse for mckesson, candidates should have at least an associate's degree in nursing, three to five years of recent acute nursing experience, and strong clinical documentation and assessment skills.

Burned out Nurse Finds Ways to Make More Money from Home!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my career as a nurse! BUT...I had to quit my full time job because I was burned out! I was missing ...