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Online income for you - After digging deeper, however,  here's what i've found:In the form of a dropshipping case study based on one of our own obero users, we'll be answering kerrie's question by telling you why you should opt for international dropshipping despite any knee-jerk reactions you might have to confine yourself to dropshipping in the us only. It's definitely not a bad thing, but for a beginner it's often difficult to keep up with the dropshipping market in the usa because customers have gotten used to an amazon prime level of service and now come to expect it. If it goes well, the only problem is the scalability – you might hit a wall when trying to find a new audience that could buy your product, but with dropshipping, you can try it and then move on to other countries. There are also plenty of free tools and apps available to maximize the efficiency of your dropshipping processes so you can focus more on testing markets and coming up with the right strategies to grow your business.

Dropshipping Questions: Refunds, Shipping & Dropshipping Outside the USA

In this video we answer common dropshipping questions: Refunds, shipping times and dropshipping outside the USA. Want to ...