Websites that pay you to write articles

Websites that pay you to write - , bill gates, this world also has larry ellison kind of people who worked under someone before actually becoming a ceo, not every one starts off big, or ” long selling” start their careers as ceo, chairman etc, some would take time, to acquire skill, gain expertise, i thought i gave you an idea, for an article , which would have helped budding writers bring bread to table , tweak rough edges, make a portfolio for themselves and get into writing in a big way, anyways thanks. Basically the idea is to figure out an idea/story that i think a publication would be interested in, then pitch them on the story, though hopefully it would already be of interest due to knowing what they're all about, and letting them know why i would be the right person to deliver a great story/article for their readers. , it is indeed a good article, but for those who are already established and are professionals, i guess, but what about someone like me, a rookie, a newbie to writing world now i cant dare to submit my articles, to a company that would pay / article, i need smaller companies list that would accept freshers, may be paying less. And yes, you're right about the purpose of this blog post… i first wrote this when i noticed few websites that was paying for contributing content and then i did an extensive research and sorted the best of them as i thought it would be a good starting point for new writers.

15 Websites That Pay You 0+ to Write a Blog Post or Article

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