What are some good jobs for a 14 year old

What are some jobs for 14 year olds - Advice for teensfind the top sites for teen job seekers, plus information on jobs for teens, including how to find a job, where to get working papers, where teens can work, what to wear for an interview, and how to obtain references. State law may limit opportunities for 14 year olds; however, many states allow for fourteen year old job seekers to find work in various industries that don't pose physical or emotional risks or threats. Are going to talk about lots of jobs that hire at 14, but if you aren't able to get hired, we've got a list of 200+ money making ideas that work great, right here! Check out these after places that hire at 14:These may not be your dream jobs, but remember this: your 14 year old job can determine your 15 year old job.

Good Jobs for Teenagers

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