What are the hours for a part time job

Making a resume for a part time job - February 27, 2017 - ecommerce sales coordinator (current employee) - houston, txreport answer4 days- 35 hranswered february 13, 2017 - store manager (current employee) - katy, txreport answer3-5 days 20-30hrsanswered january 17, 2017 - talent acquisition specialist (current employee) - houston, txreport answer3 days and 30 hours is considered part timeanswered january 17, 2017 - sales manager (current employee) - cincinnati, ohreport answeranything less that 38 hours is part timeanswered january 12, 2017 - dsm (current employee) - virginiareport answerless than 30 hoursanswered january 9, 2017 - manager (current employee) - baltimore, mdreport answer2+ days. The event that one of the job share partners decides to resign or transfer from the unit, the position will automatically revert to a full-time position with the expectation that the remaining job share partner will assume the full time requirements of the above position, including a 40-hour work week. -time employees who participate in the federal employees health benefits program receive the same coverage as full-time employees but pay a greater percentage of the premium because the government's share is prorated based on the number of hours the employee is scheduled to work each week. An employee with less than 3 years of service earns 1 hour of annual leave for each 20 hours worked; with 3 but less than 15 years of service, the employee earns 1 hour for each 13 hours worked; and with 15 or more years of service earns 1 hour for each 10 hours worked.

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A quick video that helps you determine what is meant by a job listed as "part-time." We show you what "part-time job" often means, ...