What can i sell to make money uk

What can i sell to make money now - Hayes used to earn £28,000 as an nhs administratornow sells a variety of items on ebay and is a registered business seller makes over £100,000 a year and once made £5 profit on ikea saucepanworks from her dining room table and says household items are top sellers.   armed with this information, i ventured out to car boot sales and markets, charity shops and fetes, buying up anything along these lines that i thought i could sell at a profit, all purchased with the money i had made during that first week. John and i had to sell our beautiful house and move into a one-bedroom flat where we slept on a sofa bed in the living room, ned in a moses basket at our side and jamie and kane in the only bedroom. Get started by advertising your services in your local area (on gumtree, school notice boards, in the library) or you could sign up to a profession organisation who can really make you visible to students, but will take some of your earnings.