What can you donate from your body to make money

What can you donate to get money - To start making cash you need to be super heathy, don't do drugs, be in good shape, probably be taller than average, have the ability to wank into a cup and fill it more than the average man could, be educated, and ideally you'll want to not be anonymous, since you'll make more money if you're willing to include your bio for potential new parents. Then your clean, illustrious pee is rush delivered on dry ice or some such to the tweaker's hovel, where he will remove the bag and probably fill some kind of realistic rubber cock with it that he can flop out in front of a company drug screener and use to piss in a cup. The odds are against most of us as only 4 percent of donors qualify, but if you do you can make per deposit (you have to do it on site, no mailing that thing in an old takeout container) and you can do it five days a week. Kidney is worth much less to you than it is to a guy who's dying for one, so the intermediary, we'll call him kidney pete, is the guy with the contacts and the ability to safely (hopefully) remove your kidney and put it in some other dude.

The Cost Of Your Body Parts On The Black Market

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