What did steve jobs contribute to the world

Steve jobs contributions to the world - Frank rose, author of west of eden: the end of innocence at apple, says the biggest takeaway from jobs is that his "uncompromising nature and insistence on quality," combined with apple's enormous success, has greatly influenced the way designers, scientists, business leaders, and government officials make decisions about aesthetic and technical issues. Complete and epic quotation attributed to steve jobs while luring pepsi-cola usa president john sculley to apple in spring 1983 (according to sculley's and john byrne's odyssey: pepsi to apple) is, "do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water, or do you want to change the world? Jobs was immediately inspired, to the extent that he asked programmer bill atkinson how long it would take to "bring what they had just seen" over to new products apple was currently developing, according to icon: steve jobs, the greatest second act in the history of business. All the hype surrounding the ipod, itunes, and the iphone, it's easy to forget the foundation for all the growth was laid by mac os x, the refinement of the unix os jobs brought with him when he returned to apple from next in 1996.