What is a affiliate program

What is affiliate program - Kind of advertising (and it is advertising) is called pay per action (ppa), since the affiliate isn't paid for carrying the merchant's advertising link or graphic on his site, but only when a visitor performs a certain action (visits, fills out a form, makes a purchase). You're the brand manager at a fortune 100 brand or the marketing director/everything else at a startup, setting up a solid affiliate program can open a revenue avenue without much of the hassle usually associated with setting up new marketing initiatives. Might come across a couple of link problems with google if you are not managing your program, but for the most part the entire notion of affiliate marketing still makes sense to google --it offers another relevant and related resource to consumers. In fact, the amount paid to an affiliate for a purchase through an affiliate link is probably only 10% to 20% of the cost of that sale through banner advertising (which charges in cost per 1000 banner views, cpm).

What is an Affiliate Program?

What is an affiliate program? A brief overview of what affiliate programs are and how affiliate marketing works. Learn more at: ...