What is steve jobs

What is steve jobs - To technology reporters such as john dvorak and leo laporte (both "old school" ones, who personally lived many of the events portrayed in this film), it seems that steve jobs is more fiction than reality; fortunately, it's a perfectly acted, well written and solidly directed fiction, all of which is conjugated with each other in order to compensate its curious narrative decisions. In conclusion, i don't think steve jobs works as an apocryphal history lesson about the digital revolution we currently enjoy/suffer; however, i found it quite an interesting biopic, not only due to the phenomenal performances and danny boyle's elegant direction, but also because of its intentional rejection of the biographical clich├ęs which almost always feel superficial and incomplete. Understand how steve jobs' role in the history of computers fits with others like bill gates, steve wozniak, paul allen, tim berners-lee, a comprehensive look at the the entire timeline from isaacson the innovators by walter isaacson will put steve jobs' legacy into context. The biography manages to show jobs this multi-dimensional personality, with his many contradictions on full display: he does primal scream therapy, audits physics classes at stanford, grows apples on a commune farm in oregon, and wants to dedicate his life to spirituality.

Steve Jobs PISSED OFF moments (1997-2010)

Steve Jobs is known for his tantrums and thunderous personalty... in private. In front of a large public he usually looks enjoyable ...