What is the currency of myanmar

The currency of myanmar is - Use of international bank and credit cards to pay for goods and services at outlets in myanmar is currently limited but, as with so much in the country, the situation is changing fast; in yangon and some of the more popular spots around the country, cards can be used at point of sale – although a significant transaction charge may be incurred. Visitors once had to bring in all the necessary cash for their travels into myanmar, there are now thousands of atms that accept international bank and credit cards located around the country – although bear in mind that most are concentrated in yangon, mandalay, nay pyi taw, bagan and inle lake.  us dollar, however, is used as an alternative currency, particularly for larger purchases: foreigners are sometimes expected to pay in dollars for hotels, high-end restaurants and flights (international credit cards can also be used for many of these purchases – for more information go to the bottom of this page). Local currency is readily available at atms, how many usd you choose to take with you will depend on the type of trip you are planning and what your own usd reserves are – typically, it is not necessary to take more than a few hundred dollars as back up.

Exchanging Money in Myanmar

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