What is the job of a juror

What is the mca job - Although attorneys are allowed to reject jurors, with or without cause, using peremptory challenges, they are not allowed to shape the jury in a way that may appear to be biased (such as an all-caucasian jury considering the case of an african american defendant). Juries act, 1976, created the following offences punishable by fines; » failing to attend for jury service without reasonable excuse, or not being available when called upon to serve as a juror or being unfit for service by reason of drink or drugs. Juries are selected and empanelled before the start of a trial in a process called voir dire, where attorneys and the judge may ask the jurors questions to ensure their ability to serve and remain impartial in a given case. To ensure that the verdict is based on the evidence presented, that jurors remain impartial and objective and that they receive the same information in a case, certain standards have been set.

The jury's role in a court trial - The Law in Your Life (by Éducaloi)

In this episode, Éducaloi explains the role of the jury in a criminal trial.