What makes a good landing page

Make a landing page - For example, if an affiliate is be offering a discount coupon (something they have arranged with you so that they can attract customers based on this special deal), the customer needs to know that when they click from the initiating site over to your landing page, the offer hasn't been “digitally disregarded”. Here are some of the basic elements you'll want to keep in mind when creating a landing page that converts:Create a clear call to action: perhaps the most important tip you'll see, creating a great call to action is a simple way to drastically improve conversion rates. ʼt let it fall below the fold, and if you have a long page, repeat the call to action at the bottom of the page or once in every page length to remind the user and provide them with a mechanism to act, regardless of where they are. If you've never used a brief before, try searching for some examples or templates – it can be really useful to go through the process of creating a simple half page brief just to get the idea down on paper before you commit it to digital realm.

Jeff Usner Shares Secrets To Setting Up Landing Pages To Convert Traffic To Profits

Jeff Usner (http://JeffUsner.com) shares secrets to setting up landing pages to convert traffic to profits. You will learn the landing ...