What part time jobs can a 14 year old do

What part time job can a 14 year old get - Employer that holds an on-premises abc permit for the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages shall not employ any youth:Under 16 years of age on the premises for any purpose; except that youths at least 14 years of age can work on the outside grounds of the premises with written consent from a parent or guardian as long as the youth is not involved with the preparation, serving, dispensing, or sale of alcoholic beverages. - and 15-year-olds may be employed in food preparation, but they may not perform any baking activities and may only perform cooking which involves the use of (1) electric or gas grills that do not entail cooking over an open flame, and (2) deep fat fryers that are equipped with and utilize devices that automatically lower and raise the baskets into and out of the oil or grease as specified in federal fact sheet #58. "over time, however, you can show the parents that you're really invested in the job by repeating things the kids told you, by showing up with activities you know they will love or by offering ideas for future outings -- these are sincere efforts, not forced ones. ""most parents are content when you show up on time, have a positive attitude and follow their rules -- so if you arrive at the first gig with a thousand bells and whistles, you might overwhelm the parents and the kids," bondy says.

Good Jobs for Teenagers

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