What was steve jobs first invention

Steve jobs first invention - Understand how steve jobs' role in the history of computers fits with others like bill gates, steve wozniak, paul allen, tim berners-lee, a comprehensive look at the the entire timeline from isaacson the innovators by walter isaacson will put steve jobs' legacy into context. The biography manages to show jobs this multi-dimensional personality, with his many contradictions on full display: he does primal scream therapy, audits physics classes at stanford, grows apples on a commune farm in oregon, and wants to dedicate his life to spirituality. Jobs formally only attended only one semester at reed college, however, he remained at reed crashing on friend's sofas and auditing courses including a calligraphy class, which he attributes as being the reason apple computers had such elegant typefaces. : steve jobs was not the inventor of the mouse, but during his career at the head of apple, one of his obsessions was to perfect this device for communicating with computers, though the results were rather disparate.

Steve Jobs presenting the first Mac in 1984

January 24, 1984: Apple founder Steve Jobs presented the first Macintosh computer. The Macintosh 128K. In memory of a genius.