Where can i buy stocks online

Where can you buy stocks online - You will also need to provide a social security number, a taxpayer identification number, or w-8ben (certificate of foreign status of beneficial owner) and a copy of your passport if you wish to open an online account with a u. Are no laws restricting foreign citizens from buying, selling, or trading securities; however, the stock brokerage firm handling your account, whether full service or online, may have special conditions to open an account, borrow funds, or receive and transfer funds. Choose a mutual fund if you feel uncertain about investing in stocks individually, or if you don't have sufficient time to research and manage a portfolio. 's specialized resources can help you make more informed decisions about investing in stocks, whether you prefer to invest on your own or prefer ongoing advice.

Trading 101: How to Buy Stocks

Trading 101: How to Buy Stocks The Ultimate Guide to Finding The Best Online Stock Broker: ...