Where can i buy things to sell on ebay

Where to find things to sell on ebay - Where someone could pay you in advance for so many quotes then they send you a picture(s) a brief description and the cost of an item, you look at it and say not a good deal or that it is a good deal and you should sell it for x amount of dollars and best bet would be to sell it on e-bay or wherever you think would bring the most money. /u/gigamosh57's flipping spreadsheet template | /u/_imjosh's fitshipper | usps calculator | fedex calculator | ups calculator | check-a-flip(beta) | search popular ebay items | long-term price tracker | yard-sale locator | estate sale finder | public surplus auctions | used smartphone price guideline | videogame price tracker | reddit enhancement suite | ebay fee calc | amazon fee calc | paypal fee calc | fliphawk craigslist deals searcher. /r/amazon | /r/aussieflippers | /r/barter | /r/beermoney | /r/craigslist | /r/dealsreddit | /r/discountedproducts | /r/dumpsterdiving | /r/ebay | /r/etsy | /r/flippingcirclejerk | /r/flippinguk | /r/freebies | /r/frugal | /r/fulfillmentbyamazon | /r/howmuchwouldyoupay |/r/redditbay | /r/redditexchange | /r/thriftstorehauls | /r/thrifty | /r/whatisthisthing | /r/whatsthisworth | /r/wtfgaragesale | /r/yardsale. It helped me keep a real good eye on selling prices for items since i was dealing with the same goods all the time, however i am considering going after some thrift shop style items and i'm not real sure how to keep track of my inventory.

Where to Buy Stuff to Sell on eBay or Amazon FBA?

You can find stuff to buy at: Online - ebay or liquidation sites Retail stores - sales and clearance Wholesale stores Pallet stores ...