Where can i get an international money order

Where can i get an international money order - It claims to be cheaper than the leading international money transfer provider, although costs may vary by country and the amount of the international money transfer (for example, we found it significantly more expensive for sending money to mexico, but slightly less for sending money to the united kingdom). You can establish your own online international money transfer account at no cost (no setup fee, no account fee or maintenance fee), and you have more choices about how to fund and deliver transactions (including direct debit, eft, ach, bill payee, wire transfers, and drafts). Union online fx is a more helpful online solution for frequent users - those individuals or businesses that need to send money abroad, or make international money transfers or payments, frequently or periodically. You do not transfer money online or send money abroad by phone, you will need to locate both a sending "international money transfer" agent and a receiving "international money transfer" agent.