Where to buy a small scale

Where to buy a small scale - Please read the small scale farm grant application and/or the farmer education grant application closely (they require adobe reader, a free download) and take some time to answer the questions with sufficient detail so the grant review committee may thoroughly assess your application. I didn't think much of it because with other scales i've never had to do this, but i didn't use it for about a week and went to turn it on only to see "lo" display on the screen right before it shut off. . compared to a -80 hornady or redding digital scale, it's a good buy for handling unless you're​ making super match ammo, it's also quite small, which, given the fact i have a small loading area with space at a premium, is nice. March 16, 2017package quantity: 1|color: black|verified purchasebought for handling ammunition, to weigh powder chargestare function seems a bit inconsistent, i used the pan off my lee beam scale, which is very accurate, but very sensitive and time consuming.