Where to get a money order on sunday

Where to get free money orders - You would like to request a copy of your redeemed money order, or would  like to request that your unredeemed money order is researched and have  payment stopped (if possible) and refunded, please download our form  (available in pdf format), read completely, fill out and mail the completes  form, along with the . Because money orders are guaranteed by the issuer, you can't just write a check or use a credit card (they don't know if your check will bounce or if you'll file a chargeback with your card issuer). It's important to work with a name you and your payee trust – you don't want to get scammed, pay too much, or have your payee worry about whether or not the money order is legitimate. Keep in mind that you might have to buy multiple money orders (for example, if you need ,000 and the maximum money order issue amount is ,000, you'll need to pay three fees to get three money orders).