Why do i need a server for my small business

Ineed a small business loan - It does take some work, depending upon what all they intend to use their server for, but to be honest the most difficult part of the change over is not the actual setup and installation of hardware or software, it is getting all your staff to utilize the server properly and change their file access habits perhaps to saving data on your new server instead of their own computer. If your business has more than ten employees using computers, if you need to operate an email or print server, manage a complex database, or run sophisticated server-based applications (such as erp or crm), if you have very large storage requirements, or if you require large-scale virtualization capabilities, you'll want a more robust option such as a tower, rack, or blade server. In the event that your physical server were to go down, you can help eliminate downtime by simply loading up that vhd file onto any other windows 8 pro computer in your office running hyper-v (can be installed on the pro version at no cost), and starting up the virtual machine again. If your laser jet printers are network-capable (have a 10/100 lan port) then you can just install them directly on each end user workstation instead of running it through a single server connection, but if not then plug them in to the server and share them out from there.

Do you Need a Server?

As a company grows, it needs to manage its customers, employees and data. Small business servers are a great solution that ...