Writing a book for amazon

Amazon write a book - I recently learned of amazon's new plan to pay some authors for each page that a kindle user reads, i remembered an editor who looked at my one of my book proposals and said something along the lines of, “it feels like you've only got 20,000 words of material. Combination of having a loyal fanbase that always leave glowing reviews on your book's landing page (user recommendations being one of the most powerful forms of marketing), and driving new customers to said books via large-scale facebook advertising has created a very lucrative business for dawson. 's letter to writers who publish through its kindle select program explained that the formula was changing because of a concern "that paying the same for all books regardless of length may not provide a strong enough alignment between the interests of authors and readers. He had a meagre amount of downloads and the book - which required a huge amount of research to write - looked like it was oncourse to be forgotten about like the thousands of other books in amazon's sprawling online store.

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