Writing ebooks for a living

Writing ebooks for amazon - The main difference between legacy and self-publishing, he says, is that “the overwhelming majority of writers who couldn't even get in the door in the legacy world can now publish just as easily as everyone else, but beyond that, so far i'd say the odds of making a living are roughly the same. Have a series of 5, short ebooks up on amazon, & have been amazed at how the amazon “machine” works – the more sales made, the more it rises in the popularity rankings, the more it appears on other pages, meaning chances at more sales etc. Yes, it's easy to be put off by some of the stuff out there (i've definitely got a few bad ebooks clogging up my downloads folder) — but i'm sure you could put together something really valuable for your audience. I sell ebooks online but i am writing a book titled “lost william” which is a biography of the tragic life of a young boy who was abused in every way as a foster child under government supervision.

How I Write eBooks for a Living

Frederic Patenaude has written over 50 different eBooks. In this video, he shows you his method for choosing the right topic.