Writing short stories for money

Write content for money - … that was a period, when i was writing that, where i suddenly realized that i was working on three stories simultaneously, and in all of them the protagonist was dead before the story began—and in different ways—and i said, ‘wow, my hindbrain is sending me a message, and i have no idea what it is. Never give your work away for free except in particularly worthwhile places (like a charity anthology, for example) but a low payment that puts your name among others more famous than you in your field will be a great career-building move and help you sell more stories in the future. Agree with your suggestion to have a complex situation, not just a linear plotline, but i do think that what makes short stories different from novels is that there have to be one strong, obviously ‘main' idea to the short story, an idea that makes all others accessory. Eventually, it would be nice to only ever get paid pro-rates for all your work, but sometimes it pays to get your name noticed, to get published in places that will showcase your stories to readers and editors even if that doesn't mean you get paid much.

How To Make Money Writing Short Stories Using The Internet - Review

http://www.123marketingtips.com - How To Make Money Writing Short Stories - In this video I'll be sharing my experience with this ...