Writing stories online for money

Write short stories online for money - Would like to bring to your kind notice that duplication of content is not considered a good practice in online publishing and brings down reputation; therefore if you wish to publish the content with us, we request you to remove it from other website(s)/blog(s). Have reason to believe that you already know this and that your site is probably going to be your personal catalyst for this type of writer turned money making, full equity site owner, and is a shift that more writers need to make. You certainly could create a small blog with a few posts if you think it's needed, but i have more than one writer friend who's earning well writing for others online, and do not have a blog of their own. 's glimmer train not glitter train and if you have no money they will skip the charge or lower it so it is a very fair site, ran by decent women who actually give a hoot about decent writing.

Earn Extra Cash Writing Short Fiction Stories

Do you dream of fiction all day and can't help making up short fictional stories? Then try submitting them to Carve Magazine to see ...